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Paper Marbling Cards
Paper Marbling

Notecards, miniart, large-scale monotypes, textiles.

Contact me directly for special orders.

I take commissions! If you have anything you'd like to personalize, let's chat!

Paper marbling lends well to collaborations so if you are an artist/maker and are looking for that special touch to your work, message me.

Fine Art Print Block Printing
Relief Printing/Linocut

Otherwise known as block printing, relief is accomplished by incising images into linoleum or wood (with with positive or negative imagery...or both as shown in the photo). The block(s) are then rolled with ink and printed on a printing press. Small or large hand-pulled editions are possible. I only execute small editions, of 50 or less. 


Pictured, Dia de los Muertos 2014.

Copyright, Tish Douzart

Fine Art Print Acid Etching

Etching involves coating a metal plate with an acid resistant ground, then scratching away the ground with an etching tool. The plate is dropped into an acid solution, where it eats away at the metal, creating an engraved image. The plate is washed clean and ink is applied to the plate. Excess ink is removed and the plate is printed on the press. Images created in this fashion take time and patience, therefore they are higher in cost.  


Pictured, Twisted.

Copyright, Tish Douzart

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